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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring?
Water, sunglasses, valid photo ID, a face mask and sunscreen. We will provide all equipment and sanitization items for you.

Is there parking/restroom facilities near the yoga site?

Yes, you will park close to where you will practice yoga; however, there will be no restroom nearby, so go before you flow.

Where am I going?

Depending on the date, you will be either at Black Star Farms on Revold Road in Suttons Bay (follow arrow signs to yoga site) or at Mari Vineyard on Center Road.

What should I wear? Should I wear shoes?
Wear comfortable, stretchy layers, as mornings can often start out chilly and warm up quickly. As for shoes, people normally practice yoga barefoot, but if you would like to wear shoes, please feel free.

I’ve never done yoga before. What can I expect?
Yoga in the Vines was designed so that anyone, regardless of yoga experience, can enjoy the beauty of stretching and moving outdoors. You can expect clear instructions, simple but effective movements, and assistance when you need it. If you have special concerns, please contact Becky Kalajian at 231-409-9118. She will help answer any further questions you might have.

I don't have a mat or any yoga gear.

No problem! We have all of the props and mats you need. They are sanitized and ready for you to use right on site.

How difficult is the yoga class?
The class is geared for beginner/intermediate students. We hope to have you walking out of the class feeling relaxed, calm, and like you got a good stretch all over.

What if it rains?
There will be an alternate dry location on the winery grounds in case of rain. Bring warm layers in case of cooler weather.

What’s the schedule?
9:30 am Check-in at the yoga site; just follow the signs
10 am Yoga class begins
11:30:  Wine tasting!

What time do I need to arrive?
Please try to arrive at the posted check-in time (15-mins before the class begins). We ask that you check-in by name and give yourself time to settle in before class begins.

Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?
It is recommended to purchase your spot in advance as we do sell out. Purchase here or call Yen Yoga at 231-421-5496.

Is wine tasting included with the class?
Absolutely!  Your wine tasting after the yoga class is included in the cost of your ticket. You will receive several wine tastes per class. If you don't want to taste wine, we have a non-tasting, yoga only option for $25.

What if I don’t drink wine? Can I just do yoga?
Of course! The $25 "Yoga only" option is availablefor all dates and locations.

Can I bring my children?

We welcome teens and mature ‘tweens.

Is there time for me to wander the property, shop in the tasting room, etc.?

Yes, after you are finished with your wine tasting you are free to enjoy the rest of your time on the property however you wish.

What if I need to cancel?

All tickets sold are non-refundable. You can however reschedule for a different date.